It’s Time to Hang Up the Gloves



  • Focus on solving problems and building bridges rather than Battles and Conflicts
  • Solve problems before they become newspaper stories or public embarrassment
  • Independent-thinker focused on good governance and mutual respect rather than the “us or them”

Calm, Thoughtful Influence Needed on Council

  • Getting back to the City’s Business – applying knowledge of building & running a business
  • Focus on looking forward on the ISSUES like harnessing and directing the Growth in creative ways, rather than backwards, bogged down in conflict and the past

Experience as Collaborative Leader

  • Former City Council member that took initiative to rebuild communications and collaborative dynamic with Met Council, laying foundation for more constructive relationship
  • Infrastructure Engineer & CEO that knows the logistical and financial issues of growth and shares facts with others to make good decisions
  • Strong track record of collaboration and team-builder

I realized the only way to move beyond the polarizing politics and move us forward, was to run as an independent voice on the council.  Is electing the incumbents and feeding the “us vs. them” mentality really a solution?  Look at the headlines.  Are the quotes about the ISSUES or drama and negatives against the “other side.”  Accountability and leadership is not about denigrating your fellow elected officials, but is about effective government that represents you, the citizen, and getting the city’s business done.